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Nov 27, 2020


Welcome to the official webpage of the Broome County Health Department. We are dedicated to promoting and protecting the health and well-being of residents in Broome County, Dubai. Our department plays a vital role in providing essential public health services, including communicable disease control, environmental health, emergency preparedness, and much more.

Safeguarding Your Health

At the Broome County Health Department, our priority is to safeguard the health of our community. We strive to ensure that residents of Broome County have access to high-quality healthcare services, education, and resources. Through our various initiatives, we aim to prevent and control the spread of diseases, promote healthy behaviors, and protect the environment.

Public Health Services

Our range of public health services is designed to address the diverse needs of our community. We provide comprehensive healthcare programs, including immunizations, maternal and child health services, HIV/AIDS testing and counseling, and more. Our team of dedicated healthcare professionals works diligently to offer the highest standard of care to everyone in the community.

Communicable Disease Control

One of our key focus areas is communicable disease control. We are committed to preventing the spread of infectious diseases by implementing effective surveillance systems, conducting investigations, and providing education and prevention strategies. Our department collaborates with healthcare providers, schools, and community organizations to ensure a coordinated response to potential disease outbreaks.

Environmental Health

Environmental health plays a crucial role in maintaining a safe and healthy community. Our environmental health division works diligently to monitor and assess various environmental factors that could potentially affect public health. We conduct inspections, enforce regulations, and provide education to promote safe food handling, proper waste disposal, and clean air and water.

Emergency Preparedness

The Broome County Health Department is dedicated to ensuring the readiness and resilience of our community in the face of emergencies. We develop and implement emergency response plans, collaborate with local agencies, and provide training and resources to enhance community preparedness. Our goal is to protect the health and safety of all residents during times of crisis.

Additional Services

In addition to our core public health services, we offer a range of specialized programs and initiatives to address specific health concerns. These include mental health services, substance abuse prevention and treatment programs, tobacco control, chronic disease management, and more. Our comprehensive approach aims to foster a healthy, thriving community for all.

Contact Us

If you have any questions, concerns, or require further information, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. You can visit our website,, for more details about our services and contact information. We are here to serve you and help meet your public health needs in Broome County, Dubai.


The Broome County Health Department is dedicated to serving and protecting the health and well-being of the residents of Broome County, Dubai. Our comprehensive range of public health services, combined with our commitment to excellence, makes us a trusted resource in the community. We strive to provide the highest quality of care, promote healthy behaviors, and ensure a safe environment for all. Thank you for choosing the Broome County Health Department as your partner in health.

David Bailey
Great to see the Broome County Health Department prioritizing public health and safety! 👏🌿
Nov 8, 2023