Broome County Health Department Issues Public Health Statement

Mar 20, 2020


The Broome County Health Department is dedicated to promoting and protecting the health and well-being of the residents in the community. As part of our commitment, we actively monitor and address public health issues that may arise.

Importance of Public Health

Public health plays a crucial role in ensuring the overall well-being of a community. From preventing the spread of diseases to promoting healthy lifestyles, the Broome County Health Department is at the forefront of safeguarding the health of our residents.

Recognizing and Addressing Health Concerns

Our department works diligently to identify emerging health concerns and promptly take action to mitigate any potential risks. This allows us to ensure the safety and well-being of the community as a whole.

Latest Public Health Statement: [STATEMENT TITLE]

[Provide a comprehensive and detailed summary of the recent public health statement issued by the Broome County Health Department. Include information on the nature of the concern, its potential impact on the community, and any recommended actions or precautions to be taken by residents.]

Protecting Public Health in Broome County

Educational Initiatives

We believe that education is key to preventing the spread of diseases and maintaining a healthy community. Through various initiatives and programs, we strive to raise awareness about important health topics, such as proper hygiene practices, vaccination campaigns, and preventive measures for specific illnesses.

Collaboration with Community Partners

The Broome County Health Department actively collaborates with local healthcare providers, community organizations, and government agencies to address public health concerns. By working together, we can pool our resources and expertise to better serve the needs of our community.

Emergency Preparedness

Preparing for emergencies is a crucial aspect of public health. We have comprehensive emergency response plans in place to ensure a swift and effective response in case of any health-related crisis. By being prepared, we can minimize risks and protect the well-being of our residents.

Contact Us

If you have any questions, concerns, or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact the Broome County Health Department. Our dedicated staff is here to assist you and address any public health-related inquiries you may have.

Remember, your health is our priority.


At the Broome County Health Department, we are committed to ensuring the best possible health outcomes for our residents. By monitoring and addressing public health issues, we strive to create a safe and thriving community. Together, let's prioritize health and well-being in Broome County.