Public Swimming Pools in Dubai

Dec 3, 2022
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Welcome to Luxury Ride Dubai's guide to the best public swimming pools in Dubai. Whether you are a local resident or a tourist visiting this vibrant city, enjoying a refreshing swim in one of Dubai's public pools is a great way to beat the heat and stay active. In this guide, we will provide you with detailed information about various swimming pools, including their facilities, pricing, and more.

Swimming Pool 1

Located in the heart of Dubai, Swimming Pool 1 offers a luxurious swimming experience with its state-of-the-art facilities. The pool is equipped with crystal clear water and strict hygiene standards to ensure a safe and pleasant swim. With spacious seating areas and scenic views, this pool is perfect for both recreational and fitness purposes. The entry fee is affordable, making it accessible to all.


  • Large Olympic-sized swimming pool
  • Kiddie pool for children
  • Changing rooms and lockers
  • Poolside cafe for refreshments
  • Pool deck with lounge chairs
  • Professional lifeguards


The entry fee for adults is only AED 20, while children under the age of 12 can enjoy the pool at a discounted rate of AED 10. Family packages are also available, allowing families to enjoy quality time together at an affordable price.

Swimming Pool 2

If you are looking for a swimming pool that offers a mix of relaxation and fun, Swimming Pool 2 is the perfect choice. This pool features a unique design, surrounded by lush greenery and palm trees, creating a serene and tropical atmosphere. With various water slides and play areas, it is also an ideal spot for families with children.


  • Multiple swimming pools for different age groups
  • Water slides and play areas
  • Shaded seating areas for parents
  • Snack bar for quick bites
  • Sunbeds and umbrellas for sunbathing
  • Free parking facilities


The entry fee for Swimming Pool 2 is AED 30 for adults and AED 15 for children under 12. Family packages are available at discounted rates, making it an ideal destination for a family day out.

Swimming Pool 3

Swimming Pool 3 is a hidden gem in Dubai, offering a private and exclusive swimming experience. Nestled in a tranquil neighborhood, this pool provides a serene escape from the bustling city life. With its well-maintained facilities and peaceful ambiance, it is a popular choice among individuals looking for a relaxing swim.


  • Medium-sized swimming pool
  • Lounge area with comfortable seating
  • Outdoor showers
  • Private cabanas
  • Poolside bar for refreshments
  • Complimentary towels


The entry fee for Swimming Pool 3 is AED 40 for adults and AED 20 for children under 12. The exclusivity and tranquility offered by this pool make it worth the price, providing a unique swimming experience.


Dubai offers a diverse range of public swimming pools to suit every preference and budget. Whether you seek a family-friendly environment, a luxurious experience, or a serene escape, you can find a swimming pool in Dubai that meets your needs. Remember to check the opening hours and any specific regulations before visiting, and make the most of your time in the water. Stay cool and enjoy your swim in the beautiful city of Dubai!