Broome County N95 Mask Pick Up Locations

Aug 10, 2023
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During these challenging times, it is important to prioritize the health and safety of all individuals. One effective measure to reduce the spread of respiratory illnesses, including COVID-19, is the proper use of N95 masks. In Broome County, we have established various pick-up locations to ensure convenient access to these essential protective supplies. In this guide, we will provide you with detailed information about the best places to pick up N95 masks in Broome County.

Location 1: XYZ Medical Center

The XYZ Medical Center, conveniently located in the heart of Broome County, offers N95 mask pick up services to residents. Our dedicated team of healthcare professionals is committed to ensuring the safety of our community. At this location, you can expect to find a wide range of N95 masks suitable for different needs. Whether you are a healthcare worker, an essential employee, or a concerned resident, you can rely on us to provide you with the highest quality masks.

Location 2: ABC Community Center

If you prefer a community-based pick-up location, the ABC Community Center is an excellent option. We understand the importance of accessibility, especially for those who may face transportation challenges. At this center, you can conveniently obtain N95 masks without traveling long distances. Our friendly staff members are always ready to assist you and answer any questions you may have regarding mask usage and proper fit.

Location 3: 123 Pharmacy

For individuals who prefer the convenience of a local pharmacy, 123 Pharmacy is here to serve you. We stock a wide selection of N95 masks from reputable brands. Our knowledgeable pharmacists can also provide guidance on the usage and disposal of these masks. We strive to create a safe environment for all our customers and are well-prepared to meet your mask-related needs.

Location 4: PQR Supermarket

Recognizing the importance of availability and accessibility, PQR Supermarket has partnered with local authorities to distribute N95 masks to the community. We understand that residents visit supermarkets regularly for their essential needs, and we are committed to ensuring that you can also find reliable masks during your visit. Our store associates are trained to assist you in finding the right masks and ensuring your safety while inside the supermarket.

Location 5: LMN Community Park

At the LMN Community Park, you can take advantage of our drive-through N95 mask pick-up service. We have designed this location to prioritize convenience and minimize contact, ensuring a safe and efficient experience for all. Whether you are picking up masks for yourself, your family, or your workplace, the LMN Community Park is an ideal option. Our dedicated staff will guide you through the process, ensuring that you have the necessary masks to stay protected.


As the Broome County community continues to navigate these unprecedented times, it is crucial to prioritize safety and adhere to the recommended guidelines. N95 masks play a significant role in reducing the transmission of respiratory illnesses, including COVID-19. By utilizing the pick-up locations mentioned above, you can easily obtain high-quality N95 masks without any hassle. Remember to wear your mask correctly and follow proper hygiene practices. Let's stay united in our efforts to keep Broome County safe and healthy!